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@ at
a/c account
AGM annual general meeting
a.m. ante meridiem  (before  noon)
a/o account of  (on behalf of)
AOB any other business
ASAP as soon as possible
ATM automated teller machine (cash dispenser)
attn for the attention of
approx approximately
cc copy to
CEO chief executive officer
c/o care of  (on letters:  at the address of)
Co company
cm centimetre
COD cash on delivery
dept department
e.g. exempli gratia (for example)
EGM extraordinary general meeting
ETA estimated time of arrival
etc et caetera  (and so on)
GDP gross domestic product
GNP gross national product
GMT Greenwich mean time  (time in London)
i.e. id est  (meaning : 'that is')
Inc incorporated
IOU I owe you
IPO initial public offer
Jr junior
K thousand
lb pound (weight)
£ pound (money/currency)


Ltd limited
mo month
N/A not applicable
NB Nota Bene  (it is important to note)
no number
PA personal assistant
p.a. per annum  (per year)
Plc public limited company
pls please
p.m. post meridiem  (after noon)
p.p. per pro  (used before signing in a person's absence)
PR public relations
p.s. post scriptum
PTO please turn over
p.w. per week
qty quantity
R & D research and development
re with reference to
ROI return on investment
RSVP repondez s'il vous plait  (please reply)
s.a.e. stamped addressed envelope
VAT value added tax
VIP very important person :) 
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